Voyage by Blaine Zaid added to Smashwords

A short metaphorical poem about life .  Now free on Smashwords .   I included this one as the prologue to Aquapocalypse for a while, but then decided to separate the two, as the readers of Aquapocalypse were in a different age category than would be expected to enjoy the poem…


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Hi Readers! Here are some other author’s books that I’ve read and reviewed.

Retail books:

“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

I really found this to be a more satisfying novel than Wuthering Heights.  Now of course, it has a happier ending, so that could be one reason.  Beyond the happy ending though, it is a very well developed tale of how a young woman strives to determine her own destiny in both love and life  by sticking to her principles.  Treated poorly by her adoptive family after the death of her parents, Jane  rises above adversity first through education, and then by asserting her own self worth in the world.  She also rises, because despite her unlucky childhood, she is a special person, unwilling to be simply average and complacent.  People’s natural innate constitution is one theme repeated in the novel.   Jane’s a  likeable character, although a bit odd, and also judgemental of others at times (but this allows us to see the other characters in the novel more clearly).  Because the novel begins with Jane as a young girl and ends later in womanhood, we do see her mature as the tale moves along.  There are sub-themes about feminism, and also about materialism.  I liked this one a lot, and it will keep mature readers (due to advanced / old English lexicon usage at times) highly entertained.

“Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

Tragedy.  Bizarre behaviour in old England.  Quite Dramatic.  Shares the themes of love and family fortune with her sister’s book reviewed above that I liked better.  That said, it does deserve it’s place among classic novels, and I do recommend it as a good read.

“Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy

Obviously you could read volumes of analysis about this classic, but here’ s my take.  Even if you’re more of a best seller  reader, if you haven’t taken this one in, go ahead and make yourself do it !    Tolstoy discusses many many of the important topics of life in this complete saga about a Russian family and their personal, social  and business lives.  Skillfully exposed are life issues about love, marital faithfulness, ethics in business,  the question of the merits of war, mental instability and suicide, and the existence of god and religion.  It’s very readable, although some of the melodrama involving Anna’s “position” after leaving her husband for her lover were a bit tedious.  Nevertheless, I found it a very rewarding read!

“At Night We Walk In Circles” by Daniel Alarcon.

This is a fictional novel about a young man who joins a small traveling actor’s group to tour the countryside in Peru.  His commitment to the tour leads to a break up with his girlfriend, and a lot of other problems as well.  I really liked Alarcon’s writing style and the view into his character’s troubled personalities.  The novel is very psychological in nature, and I see some similarities with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters and Alarcon’s.     There’s much description of what life is like both in the big city, where the main character, Nelson, hales from, as well as in the countryside provinces he and his actor friends travel to in order to perform their play.  Themes about post war times as well as life in the horrible prison (similar to “Locked up Abroad”) are also interesting.  I have to give this one 10 / 10 stars !

“Wild Tales” by Grahm Nash.      It’s Nash’s autobiography, starting with childhood, and ending in the present. An interesting look at the rise to rock stardom, the loves of his life, and the relationship between the Crosby, Stills,.Nash and Young band mates. I did enjoy reading it. 7/10 stars.

Smashwords books:

Full Bodied Wine: A Vintage Murder      Full Bodied Wine is a finer  detective novel than many found on Smashwords. Taking the reader into the life of a foreign diplomat in Turkey, and a murder plot at the same time via letters written home to his fiancee’ was a great idea! The author really seems to have imagined her main character’s personality quite fully, and this makes his narrative ring authentic rather than contrived. A nicely done work by Denis O’Gorman, and a recommended fun read by me!

Seize The Day by Paul Talegdi     This is a really well written book about the journey of two Roman Legionnaire soldiers wrongly sentenced to become galley slaves due to corruption within the government.  It follows them from the beginning of their friendship serving at a Roman outpost, and on, to their incarceration and later escape.  What I really liked about the novel, is the great detail in Talegdi’s writing, and that he never gives up on expanding and explaining the happenings.    There’s also a cool subtheme about animals in this novel that I really enjoyed as well.  I give it a 5/5 and would highly recommend it as a read for those interested in an adventure novel.

Aspen Allegations a Sutton Massachusetts Mystery by Lisa Shea

Aztlan by James Parkeri

The Execution by Sharon Cramer

Freedom Incorporated by Peter Tylee

The Mariner’s Ghost by David Mcworter

Peregrin, Xenolith  and Sonant  by A. Sparrow

Thirteen Years in America,  Melanie Steele

Allies Anaconda, Wolfe Reidel

Bombardirovka  Crystal Allene Cook

Coral Sea Affair  Drew Lindsay

For Sale in Palm Springs: The Henry Wright Mystery Series  By Albert Simon

Death Ray Butterfly      By Tom Lichtenberg

Angel, Falling  By Larry Patrick Shriner

The Enemy We Know  By Donna White Glaser

Death By A HoneyBee By Abigail Keam

Other favorites  :        The Beautiful And The Damned, Tender Is The Night,   F. Scott Fitzgerald

Of Human Bondage,    W. Somerset Maugham


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Aquapocalypse : 22nd century Detective Ryan Rivers tracks down bioterrorists on North American Base

Aquapocalypse   , by Blaine T. Zaid is available FREE ON SMASHWORDS.COM and Other fine e-book sites.

Detective Ryan Rivers is a hip New York City detective in the 22nd century.

Earth’s continents have been submerged in the oceans due to global warming (The Aqua-Apocalypse) and mankind is forced to live on giant platforms and flotillas of old ships.  Detective Rivers helps solve the appearance of a highly contagious epidemic that threatens the people of the new North America.

Enjoy !

Aquapocalypse cover



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Gaines Agenda reviews here, New! You can submit comment or questions by email

Review by: Bernie Wilhelm on May 02, 2011 : star star star star star
This one is right along the lifstyle of the two boy computer genesus of america. This one is obviously Bill Gates but it could also be Zukenburg. B.Zaid puts the plot together solidly in the first 300 words then, takes the reader across the mountains of “What’s going to happen next here???” and then drops you right in the middle of a new plot and changes the storyline to make the novel even longer than you think when it will end. Not to give the end away but it would be interesting to see how many readers can really understand the ending’s meaning here. I give Blaine Zaid a 10 for a great story.

Review by: W. Addison Gast on April 26, 2011 : star star star star star
In a word—DYNAMITE! Blaine Zaid has written a novel that IMHO would compete for space on the NYBS list with Dan Brown, Vince Flynn or Dave Baldacci. His story is built from the begining to keep the reader chronologically abrest of the happenings as the story unfolds. Zaid has a gift like the unique storytellers W.E.B. Griffin and others. Robert Gaines is only a thin disguise for the boy wonder Bill Gates and that is detected in the first explaination of the main character. Zaid describes Gaines’s lifstyle to the point of actually making you think he is perhaps his neighbor. The storyline is factually accurate and the topic of the embedded software makes the story even more believeable. The twist in the final chapters even lets you guess with some clues who the POUS is that Zaid is writing about….

PS :  For a colorful kindle fire picture book to read your kids see   A Happy Little Family   at

October 7, 2012,   Voila!   One reader describes the satirical nature of The Gaines Agenda in her review!   

Enjoy   B.Z.    (ALSO if you enjoy the novel please leave a good review on amazon,  Thank you for reading!  🙂  🙂  )

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