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Review by: Bernie Wilhelm on May 02, 2011 : star star star star star
This one is right along the lifstyle of the two boy computer genesus of america. This one is obviously Bill Gates but it could also be Zukenburg. B.Zaid puts the plot together solidly in the first 300 words then, takes the reader across the mountains of “What’s going to happen next here???” and then drops you right in the middle of a new plot and changes the storyline to make the novel even longer than you think when it will end. Not to give the end away but it would be interesting to see how many readers can really understand the ending’s meaning here. I give Blaine Zaid a 10 for a great story.

Review by: W. Addison Gast on April 26, 2011 : star star star star star
In a word—DYNAMITE! Blaine Zaid has written a novel that IMHO would compete for space on the NYBS list with Dan Brown, Vince Flynn or Dave Baldacci. His story is built from the begining to keep the reader chronologically abrest of the happenings as the story unfolds. Zaid has a gift like the unique storytellers W.E.B. Griffin and others. Robert Gaines is only a thin disguise for the boy wonder Bill Gates and that is detected in the first explaination of the main character. Zaid describes Gaines’s lifstyle to the point of actually making you think he is perhaps his neighbor. The storyline is factually accurate and the topic of the embedded software makes the story even more believeable. The twist in the final chapters even lets you guess with some clues who the POUS is that Zaid is writing about….

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October 7, 2012,   Voila!   One reader describes the satirical nature of The Gaines Agenda in her review!   

Enjoy   B.Z.    (ALSO if you enjoy the novel please leave a good review on amazon,  Thank you for reading!  🙂  🙂  )


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